Why Use Glass?

If you manage or work in a team that creates and publishes data-driven content and reports, Glass is for you. It's discrete but complementary modules can be implemented as an end-to-end solution or combined to fit your specific needs and existing IT systems.

Glass embeds automation and governance throughout your process, so your team can scale up outputs, work more efficiently, and deliver with confidence to customers.

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Glass by Gavurin is designed to make your life easier, whatever your specific challenges look like:

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How do we scale our content output with such a large team to co-ordinate?

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I’m tired of all the complex processes we use. There must be an easier way.

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Why is our data so confusing and conflicting? How can we make sure it’s compliant, secure and up to date?

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Our business has such a poor audit trail that identifying any kind of process improvements or issues is a real problem.

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Our content team are constantly missing project deadlines due to the delays caused by collaboration between creators, editors and publishers.

Here are just a few reasons why Glass is the ideal solution for your data-driven content needs….

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Build trust through stronger data governance

Ensure data is always up to date and content teams work from one source of the truth.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency in your team

Thanks to a suite of operational-level tools that show you a full picture of what your writing team is working on, how projects are progressing and what issues are preventing progress.

Compelling Reports

Get products to market quicker

Make writing data-rich content at high frequency a breeze by using stylised templates which suit an array of publication formats.

Glass brings structure and automation to your production processes. It is flexible and can be adapted to suit any team configuration, so whether you’re the leader of your organisation or a writer creating data-driven content, Glass is built for you.

Use our software to efficiently scale up the frequency and range of your data reports without the typical resource drain. By making it easier to manage, visualise and update data as well as control the workflow of your content team, Glass helps you get valuable insight to your customers quickly without impairing quality or consistency.

Structure and Automation