Who Glass Is For

Glass is designed to make the lives of those working in data-driven content production easier. The platform benefits managers who oversee workflows, writers who must analyse data sets and editors who refine the finished product.

It’s also a platform for your customers – who will benefit from improved publishing, stellar data visualisation and strict data governance that ensures insight is up-to-date and fully audited.

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Operational Leaders

Manage your content team and their output with ease using Glass.


Take the complexity out of leveraging data and focus on creating great content at scale with Glass.

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Glass streamlines the editing process, making it easier to keep writers on track and ensure content meets expectations.

For Anyone

If you have a unique role or organisation that doesn’t fit any of the categories above, but you still work with data-driven content, you can benefit from Glass. With its comprehensive permissions and templating tools, you can utilise Glass to improve your content output and manage workflows.

We can work with you to build a bespoke installation that suits your needs, whatever they may look like. Make data more effective and content more manageable in your team with Glass.

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