Engaging Data Visualisation

Bring your analysis to life with compelling data tables and charts, without the need for any specialist skills or extra resource.

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Glass is all about making data-driven content more manageable, accessible and efficient. For leaders and writers alike, data can be a stumbling block that slows down your production processes and leaves customers waiting.

As part of the template creation process that streamlines the way writers produce reports, Glass has a wide range of charts and tables for you to incorporate into your products. They’re easy to customise and style for maximum impact with zero design expertise required.

When you want to create a new version of your report or clone parts of it for use in a different industry, Glass automatically produces your predefined data visualisations based on your templates and the latest available data. This helps to free up your content team so they can focus solely on writing.

If there’s an issue with a chart, editors don’t need to slow the process down by requesting a full “re-do”. Visualisations are integrated with desktop publishing, so any edits can be made directly to the UI at any stage. Put the power of data visualisations in any of your team’s hands, whatever their design skill, with Glass.

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Why use Glass

Automated for your convenience and security

Ensure all data that will be utilised in your visualisations is kept up to date with Glass. Automatic updates keep data fresh, secure and fully traceable through version history for auditing.

Create professional visualisations

A suite of engaging graphical outputs is available within Glass, all you have to do is choose your desired format and the platform will do the rest.

Cut down on editing time

You don’t need to go back to the design team to make changes if an editor disagrees with a key element in the charts. They can edit it directly and Glass automatically updates to reflect the change.

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