Dynamic Content Authoring

Easily reuse, update and share content, across multiple product lines and distribution platforms

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Whether your content team’s output is triggered by a current event or scheduled well in advance, Glass can be configured to bring automation and structure to your content creation process.

With Glass’ dynamic content authoring module, you can create a living, breathing repository from which content can easily be reused and shared across multiple product lines and distribution platforms.

Once you’ve established a pre-defined event (such as a key annual date or a country’s budget announcements), Glass presents writers with the relevant data visualisations they need and directs them to the content boxes which need to be updated for the new market.

Once your reviewers have signed off the content, it can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of products – giving your customer access to the latest insight as it happens.

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Why use Glass

Scale up your content

By allowing the re-use of pre-defined templates and content components, you can essentially ‘pick and choose’ from existing assets to create new reports and products.

Get insight to customers quicker

Produce and update data-driven analysis quickly without compromising on quality and governance. Once you have configured the relevant event triggers, the entire content production cycle is driven by and tracked within Glass.

Flag issue to writers

Glass gives editors more control over their workflow, allowing them to flag issues with writers, amend data visualisations directly and only see the tasks they need to do thanks to notifications.

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