What is Glass?

A cloud-based platform to automate the creation, management, and publication of data-driven content. Glass is for producers of data, research and analysis who commercialise their output – primarily in the form of reports.

Completely configurable to meet your specific needs, Glass’ modules cover:

  • Data Integration
  • Workflow & Process Management
  • Data Visualisation
  • Dynamic Content Authoring
  • Publishing
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With a full workflow management system that automatically assigns tasks, displays full edit history and is controlled by secure permissions, you can scale your content output to new heights.

Glass is unlike any other platform. It combines dynamic content authoring with a business intelligence-style workflow management system that means organisations just like yours can scale content output to new heights.

Our platform is an all-in-one suit that allows managers to assign permissions and automate workflows, leaving authors free to write engaging reports based on smart data sets and intelligent data visualisations.
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glass in action

Glass in Action

When a world-famous investment management client needed a way to improve their global market reports, they chose Glass.

Our system helps their management team see what writers are doing, what stage reports are at and automates the assignment and editing of each task. Writers can import data, choose visualisations to complement their analysis and then focus on their content creation. When creating new content to appeal to customers in Brazil, the client can simply find all data tagged with ‘Brazil’ and create new reports with ease. Adaptable, scalable and profitable.