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Painting your Data Picture – Data Visualisation with Glass

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At Gavurin, we understand that data insights and visualisations are key parts of business content. It’s important to get them right. It can be time consuming to produce content that is accurate and scalable whilst also being impressive to customers. Achieving all of this while juggling workloads and resources on top is no easy feat either. It’s a form of art. From data management and governance, to creating stunning charts and visuals for insights, your toolkit needs to be geared up to take on any challenge when it comes to data-driven content production.

Tools, Glorious Tools

Behind every great picture is the artist and their tools. The scope of data visualisation tools and offerings available today is incredible, the sheer level of choice can be overwhelming. There’s always something new to discover and more ways to deal with data and visual content. However, this raises some good questions. What tools are going to be the best for a specific team and organisation? How can creating impactful data-driven content be balanced with good data management and governance practices? Our experience developing Glass can help with understanding some important data visualisation tools and capabilities to aid in answering these questions.

Finding A Solution

Glass has been crafted and expanded based on years of experience in business intelligence, it is the cornerstone of cloud-based data-driven content production. The platform has been developed with real people and real challenges in mind. The possibilities are endless and there’s a solution for everyone. With Glass’ main purpose being to help businesses create, manage and publish data-driven content better and faster, a key part of it’s offering is it’s data visualisation features. Let’s take a look at them.

A New Way Has Come

DV Template Creation Image

Glass boasts an impressive suite of data management and visualisation features that help organisations paint their data picture. These include:

  • The ability to import, edit and manage data easily.
  • Instantly generate charts and tables from the data.
  • Automatically keep data up to date.
  • Customisable chart and table colours, styling and designs.
  • Track data and visualisations as they change.
  • Full control and oversight of data integrations for compliance and data governance

There are also a number of features that allows users to seamlessly integrate their data and visualisations into content, including:

  • Configurable templates that can be used as a pre-defined basis for visualisations and content.
  • The ability to save and reuse data visualisations across multiple reports and outputs.
  • Define helpful rules around your visualisations i.e. set a rule to automatically switch to a different dataset and chart style when an output is for a specific country.
  • Swap data and visualisations into reports on the fly and as you need them.
  • Build content quickly in response to events with Glass’ Dynamic Content Authoring.
Data Visualisation in Glass


Our clients are already reaping the benefits of Glass as part of their workflow. Take data visualisations and content to the next level, using Glass as your canvas.


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