Produce data-driven content at scale with Glass

A cloud-based platform to automate the creation, management, and publication of data-driven content.

For producers of data, research and analysis to scale up their outputs and build trust with customers. Glass brings automation and governance to the heart of any content production process.

What is Glass

Create data-rich reports with ease and transform the productivity of your entire business.

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For leaders

Glass gives you insight into your entire workforce’s content efforts so you can plan, track and manage output.

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For writers

Glass is an essential companion that helps you create and publish data-driven content more intuitively than ever before.

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Optimise your team’s output

Glass improves accountability, efficiency, and productivity by maintaining a single source of truth across your operation. From data that your content teams and customers can trust, to customisable workflows that keep everyone informed of workload and progress.

Completely customisable to reflect your business roles, processes, and products. Glass gives your team the time to do more, go faster, and think bigger.

Create data-driven content with ease

Create contextual templates

Create contextual templates

Powerful templating and scheduling features automate many of the day-to-day tasks associated with co-ordinating complex production schedules. Glass gives you the control and flexibility to manage change with confidence.

Manage your data directly

Automate data updates

Glass lets you intuitively link analytical datasets to product templates and configure data visualisations. Each time a new occurrence of a product is created, you can be confident the data is up to date, accurate and impactful.

Auto-generate updated report

Streamline the writing process

Reports are automatically created based on pre-defined schedules. Glass immediately sources the relevant text, and refreshes all charts and tables with the latest available data. Writers never have to face a blank piece of paper again!

Publish on demand

Glass allows you to publish content with more visibility – giving you access to team scheduling and editing history to ensure pieces are ready to go live. Once ready, publish and export to a variety of formats – or send instantly to APIs, FTP servers and more.

Publish on demand

Why use Glass?

Glass embeds automation and governance throughout your process, so your team can scale up outputs, work more efficiently, and deliver with confidence to customers.

Powerful content
management insight

Gain insight into your entire content workflow with Glass. Manage content templates, writer output, deadlines and more. Track feedback, amends and publication cycles with ease.

Rich, dynamic
data-driven content

Glass can display data in an array of engaging formats. Edit, analyse and report on this data in a collaborative way through tracked edits, comments and alerts. Create data visualisations with no design knowledge.

Editable, scaleable,

Manage year-on-year reports with a simple update in data and commentary. Create large-scale industry insight across a variety of sectors by sharing templates. Stay ahead of governance with secure data.

dun & bradstreet

Our team located around the world is now using Gavurin to run report production across 130+ markets globally. We’ve been delighted at the results and benefits seen to date.

Glass is trusted by Dun & Bradstreet

Learn how Glass by Gavurin enabled Dun & Bradstreet to quadruple report production.

Who is Glass for?

From organisational leaders looking to drive efficiency through to writers and editors who need a helping hand, Glass is designed to make your content duties easier.

Project Managers

Operational Leaders

Glass gives you everything you need to manage content workflows at an enterprise level. From task-by-task tracking through to template management, content scheduling, edit alerts and more, you can stay in control of your entire business’ production cycle.

Glass for Leaders
Writers and reviewers


Make the creation and updating of data-driven reports easier than ever with Glass. Make production simple and hit every brief perfectly thanks to management-level tools that create context-driven templates for you to follow. Edit easily and send alerts to team members through the platform to avoid being lost in standard email churn.

Glass for Writers
Data analyst


Want to keep data up to date with ease? Use our data integration module for a more efficient way to govern data, ensuring your organisation’s data is safe, secure and compliant with all requirements.

Glass for Data